For the Love of Dogs

For the Love of Dogs

  • 02/25/21


For the Love of Dogs!

It’s true, Santa Fe is a HUGE dog-loving community.

Here are a few of our beloved resources for dogs.

Marty’s Meals:

Marty’s Meals knows the way our dogs’ ancestors ate in the wild is key to achieving optimal pet nutrition today.

In an average week, wild canines eat a variety of meats on four days, forage plants for two, then often fast for a day. Feeding Marty’s Recipes in rotation – combined with raw meaty bones and grass-fed tripe – most closely emulates a dog’s ancestral diet.

We hand prepare “species-appropriate” dog and cat food recipes using fresh, whole ingredients, sourced from ethical ranchers and farmers. Raw and Gently Cooked Recipes begin with a nutritious selection of vital proteins: Non-GMO certified Turkey and Chicken; Organic Beef; or grass-fed, free-range or wild-harvested Lamb, Beef, Goat, Duck, Bison, Rabbit, Venison, Boar, Kangaroo, or Salmon. Recipes are formulated with 100% Organic vegetables and sprouted grains – with no sprayed-on synthetic vitamins and minerals.

Teca Tu – A Dog Emporium

A wonderful locally -owned pet store where you can pamper your pet with the best in collars, gourmet treats, deluxe pet beds, gifts and much more.


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