How to Use Your Santa Fe Social Network to Help Sell Your Home

How to Use Your Santa Fe Social Network to Help Sell Your Home

  • RCT Team
  • 11/9/23

Digital listings and social media have become an integral part of selling your home. In the modern market, nearly all homebuyers use online tools and social media at some point during their home search. But how can you make your listing stand out among other Santa Fe homes for sale?

It takes a solid digital marketing plan that crosses several platforms, utilizes social media algorithms, and targets potential homebuyers to use a social network to sell your home effectively. Successfully marketing your home online can be a tricky process and one that will require navigating evolving digital trends.

Let’s discuss how to sell your home using social media, utilizing tools and strategies to sell a home quickly and with the highest possible profit.

Target your audience

Social media and digital marketing have become a part of daily life. More than half of the current world’s population uses some form of social media. Using a social network of some sort to help sell your home is vitally important to maximize reach to potential buyers. More and more Santa Fe homebuyers are turning to social media when looking for their next home. In fact, 47% of buyers said their first step in the home search process was to look online, and an eye-opening 96% used online tools during their search for a home, according to research by the National Association of Realtors.

With the prevalence of social media, creating a digital listing and marketing strategy is a vital step in selling your home. Popular social media platforms include Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook. Listings can be as simple as clean, professional photos and a short description of the property or as involved as a home tour video giving a full walk-through.

With videos and pictures, you can give potential buyers a more detailed look at your home. Specifically, focusing on the features of your home that will most attract local buyers, such as a large backyard, an updated kitchen, or an expansive master suite. Special features boost your home's popularity among online sales markets.

Many social media platforms allow targeted promotion for a nominal fee. Sellers can utilize these tools to reach potential buyers within a niche subset. The promoted listing will be placed in front of users who fit within the selected targeted group. Your home listing will be pushed in front of users living in your immediate area and who fit the age range most likely to be looking for a new Santa Fe home.

Perfect your listing

Like digital real estate listings, social media is a highly visual platform. Creating a visually appealing, eye-catching post is an important part of marketing your Santa Fe home. Users are drawn to posts with high-quality photos and videos, so it is important to include those in your posts to attract buyers.

Professional photographs, aerial footage, and high-definition videos are all excellent ways to create a visually enticing real estate post on social media. Recent trends suggest that the use of video in social media marketing engages more viewers and promotes your post organically through the platform’s algorithm.

One of the best parts of creating a digital listing for your home is the ability to include a large number of photos and videos, showing off all the best parts of your property. A walk-through YouTube video, a TikTok house tour, or a mixed-media Instagram post are all ways to showcase your home to attract buyers. Infographics can be useful as part of a carousel post of photos. These images are a great way to break down important information in an easy-to-read chart, graph, or diagram.

Keep any text on your post short and to the point. Most users prefer bullet points and lists over long blocks of text. The caption of your post should hit the highlights and basic information about your home. Then add a link to a more detailed listing at the end of your post or under the comments section. Once buyers are pulled in by your eye-catching post, they can follow the link for further information.

Work the algorithm

Social media algorithms — the set of rules each platform uses to push posts out to certain users — constantly evolve. These platform algorithms sort through the vast amount of content and send out the most relevant posts to each user based on their typical online preferences. Staying on top of these rules is important in making sure your digital listing reaches the highest possible number of potential buyers.

Promoting your home consistently across a variety of platforms encourages exposure and engagement. An effective digital marketing strategy for a Santa Fe home includes a well-crafted listing so that the algorithm with recognize the value of the post and push it out to potential buyers.

There are several algorithm-friendly steps to take when tailoring your post so it is delivered to a large audience. Ways to boost your listing naturally include tagging relevant accounts, optimizing post timing, posting consistently, crafting your digital listing to invite engagement, and using hashtags.

Hashtags, phrases following the pound symbol used to categorize online content, are an important determining factor when it comes to sorting your post. Tagging your post properly with popular hashtags for both real estate and the Santa Fe area will prompt the algorithm to push your post to your target audience.

Find your team

It is vitally important that your real estate team has experience marketing across a wide array of social media platforms. Your agent can help you craft an eye-catching post, stage high-quality photos and videos, and promote your listing to a targeted group of Santa Fe buyers.

Agents with successful social media marketing strategies can help widen the net on potential homeowners since so many buyers use online tools when looking for a home. Your agent should have a well-established website and profiles on all the major social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Successful agents also have an attractive, user-friendly website that they can link and use to promote your home.

Are you ready to sell your Santa Fe home? The Ricky Allen, Cathy Griffith, and Tara Earley Team have years of experience in the Santa Fe luxury real estate market and can help you effectively use social media to sell your home. Contact their team today to take advantage of their market expertise and knowledge!

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