Open House Tips for Sellers in Santa Fe Who Want to Host the Perfect Showing

Open House Tips for Sellers in Santa Fe Who Want to Host the Perfect Showing

  • Ricky Allen, Cathy Griffith & Tara Earley Team
  • 09/6/23

The open house is one of the most critical steps in the home-selling process. For some buyers, they’ll be touring the property for the first time. Digital marketing, photos, and virtual tours may have exposed others to the home. Regardless, there’s no doubt that you’ll need a solid strategy to ensure that the open house goes off without a hitch.

Home showings have been popular in the real estate industry for many years, but recently this longtime tradition has undergone several changes, and Santa Fe homes for sale have felt this shift as well. If you’re organizing a home showing, read on to find a few of the most critical open house tips for sellers.

Do as much preparation as possible beforehand

On the day of the open house, you’re going to be busy handling a lot of last-minute issues. It’s unavoidable — some visitors may be delayed, an element of the home staging will need a quick fix, or something else might need your attention. Try to complete as many tasks on your to-do list in advance. Ensure the home’s curb appeal is spick and span, the landscape is presentable, the plumbing and electricity are up and working, and all furniture and bedding are clean and well-kept.

Double-check for cleanliness

While some of the buyers attending your open house will spend more time looking over the details of the floor plan and other macro-level elements of the home, others are going to be looking closely at how clean the home is. Undergo a deep clean of your home a week prior to the open house. Clean the floors, make the beds with fresh sheets, scrub windows, dust light fixtures, and ensure areas that are often overlooked, such as the ceiling and baseboards, are spotless.

Declutter and depersonalize the space

Buyers attending the open house will want to visualize themselves living there and what the home will look like to them and their families. The last thing you want to do is give them the impression that you’re still living at the house and that they’re touring a property that looks “lived-in.” This is why depersonalizing each space by removing family photos, personal artworks, valuables, and mementos from the house is extremely crucial. Of course, removing all evidence that you inhabit the home will not be possible. However, you can do your part by decluttering storage spaces, clearing tables and counters, and simplifying bedrooms and bathrooms.

Spread the word

The best way to ensure that your open house in Santa Fe is a success is to spread the word about the event for as long as possible. This task will fall to your real estate agent or marketing expert, but you can also help out, too. Talk about your open house on your social media channels, let your friends and family know about the open house details, and get in touch with your real estate team to ensure they’re posting to the local multiple listing service and all other national real estate boards.

Let the property air out

Once you’re sure that all the cleaning, deodorizing, and landscape upkeep has been completed, leaving the home open for the last few days before the open house is a good idea. In general, buyers don’t want to see the seller on the day of the open house, so it’s best to let your real estate agent handle the final tasks leading up to the special day. Vacating the home for a few days will allow the house to air out, removing any last-minute pet odors or scents left over from cooking food.

Set the date at the opportune time

You’ll want to time your open house accurately. The general rule is that most traditional open houses are scheduled for the weekend, especially on Sundays, when home buyers are more likely to have free time to visit. However, you should also look closely at the calendar to ensure your showing isn’t also held on a day that’s also a local holiday, festival, or major sporting event. Consult your city’s official webpage and scan for any local community events that may limit the amount of foot traffic coming to your open house. Have your agent also look at other open houses happening in your particular area. If there are scheduled showings, this may incentivize buyers to leave their homes. At the same time, the more showings available, the more competition.

Draw attention to any special features in the home

Every home has a unique feature that sets it off from the competition. This is especially true in the world of luxury real estate, where it’s more common to encounter chic interior design, extravagant crown moldings, and high-end amenities. As a seller, you can do your part by highlighting these features. For instance, you can print off a list of your home’s top amenities, such as special decorative features, upscale equipment, or deluxe amenities, like gas fireplaces or heated flooring elements, to share with buyers during the open house.

Trust in your agent

When the time finally comes to open your doors to guests, it’s important to let your real estate agent take the lead and manage the tour themselves. It can be tempting to join your agent on the big day in the hopes that you might be able to answer questions or provide valuable insight into the property. Generally, this is a bad idea. As a seller, your job is to do as much of the work before the open house day as possible and then step aside during the tours to let your real estate team handle the specifics.

Reach out to a local real estate agent

These open house tips for sellers are worth considering if you want a successful home showing. If you have any questions or comments to share about the topic, or you’d like to learn more about Santa Fe real estate in general, get in touch with the premier realtors in Santa Fe with RCT Team for more information.

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