Why Your Realtor Needs to Be a Master Marketer

Why Your Realtor Needs to Be a Master Marketer

  • Ricky Allen, Cathy Griffith & Tara Earley
  • 12/6/22

A great realtor needs to wear many hats these days as the landscape of selling and buying homes has shifted somewhat in the wake of the pandemic. While strong people skills have always been a hallmark of the most successful realtors, now they need to be master marketers as they work to harness the power of the Internet and social media to help their clients get into Santa Fe, NM homes for sale or to sell their homes for the most money and in the shortest time possible.

All great Santa Fe real estate agents have experience on both sides of the table, often helping clients sell their homes and then shift gears and assist them as they look for a new, bigger luxury home where they will enjoy the great New Mexico lifestyle in comfort and style.

A great identity

All great real estate deals start with a client hiring a licensed, experienced agent who has spent many years in the Santa Fe real estate market. Before they can market your home for you, the great agents have to market themselves to attract clients. So, when you’re ready to begin searching for a home, look for an agent who has a winning personality that includes great interpersonal communications skills and trustworthiness beyond reproach. They also should have a great track record of success in recent years in selling and buying homes, which can be easily determined by visiting their websites and checking sales stats.

In essence, when clients hire Santa Fe real estate brokers, they are hiring a brand. Agents have become successful by closing many deals, and it soon becomes apparent who the top-performing agents are. How do they do it? Here are some areas where your realtor needs to be a master marketer.

It starts with a website

The process of buying and selling Santa Fe, NM real estate often starts online. Buyers browse websites looking for home listings that meet their budget and criteria. Sellers hit the Internet, too, to see where the market is currently and to get an idea of what they can sell their home for and what the competition for buyers is like

Buyers and sellers might have gotten a lead on an agent from a friend or relative who has recently bought or sold Santa Fe real estate. Or they might have seen an agent’s name, phone number, and website listed on a For Sale sign in their neighborhood and reached out to the agent via one of those means.

When buyers or sellers visit an agent’s website, they want as much information as possible about both the agent and the market. The most successful agents have informative websites that are easy to navigate. There will be a bio so clients can get acquainted with them, and there are sales stats so they can see how successful agents have been. There will also be informative articles about the process of buying or selling homes, as well as features about various communities and neighborhoods. Most importantly, there will be a way for clients to easily contact the agent for more information or to set up an interview or assessment of their home.

Other Internet skills

People looking to buy Santa Fe, NM homes for sale benefit greatly from their agent’s knowledge of real estate websites and technologies. These include their own websites, of course, but a great agent also knows how to use the Multiple Listing Service, where he or she can search for suitable properties for clients to view, as well as the big national websites and even locally oriented sites.

Produce a great listing

One area where your agent can shine as a master marketer is in producing a flashy, informative online listing about Santa Fe homes for sale. Buyers have increasingly turned to the Internet to begin their search for homes in the wake of the pandemic. It makes sense for buyers to begin their search this way since they can peruse several listings and narrow down properties to ones that they would like to see in person.

In order to attract as many buyers as possible to Santa Fe homes for sale, a talented realtor will help clients produce a listing that has several photographs taken by a professional as well as extensive, well-written descriptions of each room and all features and amenities. The goal is to paint such a vivid picture that buyers will want to schedule a private showing or attend an open house.

Some forward-thinking realtors will post videos of the home and even a virtual tour to help give buyers the feeling that they are actually there. The great thing about these features is buyers can view them at their leisure and then decide if they want to schedule an in-person tour. The agent will make sure there are also a few drone shots of the entire property to help buyers get a proper perspective.

Social media

Another marketing skill good agents have added to their arsenal is the use of social media to amplify online listings. Once a listing is posted, an agent will promote it on all his or her social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even TikTok. Social media is a great place to post virtual tours and other videos. It’s also a good idea for sellers to do the same with their social media accounts. This drives traffic to the listing and gets more eyeballs on it. The more eyeballs, the better the chance for a nice offer.

Agents shouldn’t limit their social media accounts to just amplifying listings. They can use social media for market updates, tips on buying and selling Santa Fe real estate, and other content to show off their personality and their ever-important brand.

Hire the best Santa Fe real estate agents

Now that you’re more familiar with how Santa Fe real estate agents become master marketers, it’s time to hire one and get going buying or selling real estate. For the best results, let Ricky Allen & Cathy Griffith put their passion and expertise to work for you.

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