Our Team


At Ricky Allen & Associates, our passion for New Mexico includes a love of the state’s finest real estate.

With our enhanced marketing campaigns, attention to detail and expertise, we ensure that your home’s story
is told in a manner second to none. Ricky Allen’s confident approach and unparalleled business acumen
guarantee that the seller’s home is properly represented to achieve a successful closing.
Years of negotiating skills and knowledge of the Santa Fe real estate market provides both buyers and sellers unequalled representation.

Ricky Allen & Associates are

  • Skilled and responsive
    Professional and accountable
    Authentic….what we say is what we mean…i.e..  we’re not going to tell you your property is worth $1M when it’s clearly not.
  • Relationship oriented….not transitionally oriented. This is a long-term relationship when we have clients for life and they refer us to other business.  This is the key to a successful practice.
  • REFERABLE and will give the same 5-star treatment to your friends, family
  • Grateful for your business
  • Have a sense of humor