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Summer Newsletter

More information about events mentioned in the newsletter:

Smithsonian’s Native Cinema Showcase

August 13 — 18, 2019
Native Cinema Showcase is a collaboration between the National Museum of the American Indian and the Southwestern Association for Indian Arts, partners with shared goals for education both within and outside the Native community. Featuring a diversity of Native filmmaking, Native Cinema Showcase offers something for everyone while fostering insight into the complexity and nuances of Native life.

Santa Fe Indian Market

August 17—18, 2019
It’s the 98th Year!
The world’s oldest and most prestigious juried Native American art market.

Fiestas de Santa Fe

August 31st – September 8th, 2019
For more than 300 years, every September, the Santa Fe Fiesta Council proudly invites people from all backgrounds to celebrate historic Santa Fe culture with events that highlight the talents of Northern New Mexico cultura! Enjoy the arts and crafts booths, music, dancing, entertainment and food booths that line the historic Santa Fe plaza during the Fiesta weekend.

Santa Fe Wine & Chile 

September 22 —29, 2019
The Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta is an annual five-day weekend of events featuring the culinary artistry found in Santa Fe, New Mexico’s many excellent restaurants coupled with the sophistication and wines of national wineries.

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