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Spring Cleaning Tips from Ricky Allen & Associates

Spring has sprung and not a minute too soon.  If you are like us, you are working to get your home
cleaned up and ready for another amazing summer season in sunny Santa Fe.

Here are a few tips for making Spring Cleaning a breeze!

Attend to spaces that we all often ignore—

Light fixtures, ceiling vents, under furniture, windowsills, window screens, window frames and curtains.

Send your Rugs out to be cleaned; we recommend Textival , serving clients in Santa Fe.

“Deciding how often to have household rugs cleaned depends on extent of foot traffic, staining or pet problems, proximity to an unventilated kitchen or other airborne pollutants, and personal preference regarding the appearance of the rug. Most professional conservators recommend cleaning every three to five years to remove damaging soil, grit, and oily buildup in typical household environments. Allowing rugs to accumulate soil and grit for too long can cause discoloration and degradation of fibers, and can allow certain stains to become permanent. Since over-washing is never recommended, we formulate milder solutions when only light washing is necessary. Stored or displayed rugs should be kept clean, as they are more vulnerable to insect damage when dirty.”

In the Kitchen:
Pull out the appliances and clean behind them

Wipe inside the cupboards and the pantry

Check food for expiration and clean out the fridge

In the Bedroom:
Store and clean heavy blankets and clothing.

Try linen sheets— ultrabreathable, due to being made of natural fiber, and the major benefit of that is
that they are cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter.

In the Bathroom:
Scrub faucets to remove lime and scale buildup

Clean out under the sink

Wash and change out shower curtains and bathmats

Pick a fun summer color and replace towels and accessories to add a fresh new look

Image: Miley Photos.

Clean the patio, the front porch and the garage

Wipe down outside lights

Wipe down and set up patio furniture

Overall, spruce up and clean out! Check back next week for our Spring Cleaning
episode of Living in Santa Fe with Ricky Allen– your Santa Fe luxury real estate broker.



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