Living in Santa Fe, Spring Episode | Ricky Allen + Cathy Griffith

Living in Santa Fe, Spring Episode

Spring Cleaning Tips from Ricky and Cathy-

Spring in Santa Fe is the same and DIFFERENT from the rest of the country. One key difference is the wind, the mud and allergies.

Wind: When is the windy season in Santa Fe?

The worst of the winds are usually from March till the end of May.

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Mud: If you have a farm and horses, mud is a big issue!

One of the simplest ways to keep your  yard and pastures from being destroyed in mucky weather is to develop a sacrifice area where you can turn you horses out. If you have the space to do so, this means finding a small area with good drainage and fencing it off from any other pasture. Sacrifice areas are a region of your pasture that you allow horses to be turned out in during inclement weather; this keeps the horses’ regular grazing area from being churned up into a muddy mess during the wet season.

Create Drains:  There are several different types of drainage systems that you may want to consider adding to your property. You must take into consideration the layout of your property before you commit to a particular option. Drainage ditches can be dug around the perimeter of your land to help channel water runoff away from problem areas.

Plant native trees and shrubs: Trees and shrubs have the potential to reduce mud because they absorb a lot of water to live and grow.  If you are planning to plant trees and shrubs directly in your horses’ pasture, it is important to take the time to fence around them to protect them from curious horses that might be eager to chew on their bark. Adding trees and shrubs will also add to the aesthetic value of your property, but before you start planting make sure all plants are non-toxic to animals.

Allergies: Spring allergies are prevalent in March, April and May.

Some of the best treatments for allergies, especially for new homeowners who have recently relocated here, are–
Take local honey and bee pollen.
*A spoonful of local honey can help ease seasonal allergies. Consider adding local bee pollen to your morning smoothie for natural allergy relief.


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