Living in Santa Fe | May 2019 Episode | Ricky Allen | Sotheby's

Living in Santa Fe | May 2019 Episode

Happy May!

As they say, “April Showers Bring May Flowers and Mother’s Day!” or, something to that effect.

In this episode,Sotheby’s International Realty broker and Ricky Allen & Associates team member,Cathy Griffith recommends her favorite summer camps for kids. Click on the links below for more information.


Children’s Adventure Camp

Marty Sanchez Golf Camp

The Chavez Center Camps

The Equestrian Camp at Las Campanas

Mountain Kids

Sangre Tennis and Swim Summer Camp

Mother’s Farm

Broker Ricky Allen offers his gardening tips for novice gardeners. Although he’s been planting a garden for over a decade, he wants to make sure that everyone knows…’he’s not a master gardner.’

The beginnings of this year’s vegetable garden: Ricky Allen, 2019.
















Finally, the longer and sunnier days have us parched; we are happy to share this refreshing recipe:
Blackberry Mint Iced Tea

• 1/4 Cup mint leaves, crushed
• 4 Cups boiling water
• 1/2 Cup  organic cane sugar/ or a sugar substitute
• 6 Packages (6 ounces each)  Blackberries
• 5 black tea bags

1. RESERVE two or three blackberries per serving of tea for garnish.
2. PURÉE remaining 6 packages blackberries in a blender or food processor.
3. STRAIN purée through a fine sieve.
4. DISCARD pulp and seeds.
5. SET ASIDE blackberry purée.
6. PLACE 5 tea bags into a heat-proof pitcher.
7. RESERVE one mint leaf per serving of tea for garnish.
8. ADD remaining ¼ cup crushed mint leaves.
9. ADD 4 cups boiling water.
10. ALLOW to steep at least 10 minutes.
11. STRAIN into another pitcher and DISCARD mint and tea bags.
12. STIR IN ½ cup sugar.
13. STIR IN blackberry purée.
14. TASTE tea and ADJUST sugar as desired.
15. PLACE tea into refrigerator until chilled.
16. SERVE over ice.
17. GARNISH each serving with mint leaves and two or three whole blackberries.